Student Life

Student Life 3.0.4

Organize your time at college


  • Handles contacts, timetable and extra activities
  • Today’s reminder on main page
  • Keep track of your results


  • Cluttered and dull interface
  • Can crash when adding new tasks

Not bad

Getting ready to spend the next four years of your life at college? Being a student is not just about frat parties, beer chugging contests, and eating cold pizzas.

Well, actually it really is, but if you plan on keeping your head above water with your courses you’ll have to properly organize your timetable.

Student Life is a personal organizer aimed at keeping your agenda tidy. Create your weekly schedule by entering information for your classes such as hours, study group and instructor.

You can also specify what degree you’ll be studying and what grades you aim for. Keep track of your academic results by entering them in the homework and tests section.

It won’t give you better grades, but at least you’ll see clearly how well (or badly) you’re doing. All the essential information for the day is kept on the main page.

Select a class to see your schedule for the day and check the important reminders of things to do.

If you’ve already got a heavy schedule in college, what with your social life, part time job and other extra activities, you can insert that into Student Life too.

It will all appear on the appropriate date in the in-built calendar.

Honestly, if your Student Life is as exciting as this program’s interface, you’re in for four dull years.

The windows are often cluttered and adding simple information like your degree is hindered by the positioning of buttons and entries. There are multiple “add” buttons and you’re puzzled as to which one actually adds your new entry.

I’ve also had the program crash on me quite a few times when adding a new task.

Student Life is not a powerful, full-scale personal organizer.

It does the job, but nothing more. If you’re looking for something more professional go for WinOrganizer or Essential PIM.

Get superior results from your college experience by making the most out of your time. Student Life is the solution to address your organizational needs as a college student.

With Student Life, you can track and organize everything from your homework and tests, degree plan, and even your social life. You can take advantage of this indispensable tool to help get more out of your collegiate life.

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